大清洗已開始, 揚升是重點SaLuSa 21-December-2011 Your normal life expectancy is very short compared to Beings like ourselves, who are in the higher dimensions. Nevertheless you pack so much into it and virtually everyday brings new challenges, which all together make for experiences that speed up your spiritual evolution. There is no other place exactly like Earth that constantly offers such a multitude of experiences, and they can be exceptionally testing and call for strong powers of endurance. The people of Earth astonish us with their determination to succeed, by overcoming each challenge that presents itself. You are truly the victors in the battle between the Light and Darkness for the souls upon Earth. No matter how long it took you were always going to overcome the dark Ones, and it was after all decreed that this cycle would bring a firm result in your favor. All that remains before you reap the rewards of your victory, is to remove those who would still spoil the celebrations if they could, but will not be allowed to do so. It is why you should not experience fear upon learning of the 房屋二胎attempts that have been made to start a Third World War. We of the Galactic Federation have full authority to stop any such attempt, and our allies are briefed to intervene on our behalf. A number of events are still on track to completion over the month, and will give you the opportunity to see the beginning of the end of the powerful individuals that are the Illuminati. There is no escape for them and we have them in our sight the whole time, and there is no hiding place that we are unaware of. So you see Dear Ones there is no need to waste your energy worrying about their presence or what they are up to. The day has come when they shall be stripped of their powers and ill-gotten gains obtained at your expense. The Creator gave all of you the freewill to determine your experiences, and over many lives there is not much that you have not tried. Now you are much the wiser for it and most of you have held on to your Light, and never let it fully diminish. You now stand proudly with your Light shining out like a beacon, that is lighting up other people's lives. The awakening goes on at full 宜蘭民宿speed ahead, and many souls are beginning to understand the purpose of life. It is the realization that you are more than your body, and that life is infinite and that you have your being in the energy that is God. This also leads to the acceptance that you are All One, and you can see all souls are interconnected and make up the whole. It teaches you that judgment is unjust and unwise, because you do not know the circumstances that have led to a soul taking a certain path in life. Indeed, most of you do not know your own background, beyond perhaps having a flashback to a previous life. Life is a mystery until you reach a higher dimension and have acquired a greater degree of consciousness. Some things are still beyond your comprehension as you are now, and we sometimes have difficulty in finding adequate or sufficient words to convey the truth to you. All will however become clear before very long, as you who are to ascend will have that greater level of consciousness that you need to do so. It is in fact time for you to be brought into the higher levels, and your upliftment over the next few 澎湖民宿years will be staggering compared to what it is now. You will eventually join us as equals and we will welcome you back to where you really belong. We wish you to carry forward the energies that are building up in the expectation of an unusual year of achievements, that will go down in your in remarkable history as one of astounding success. This energy will determine how quickly the end of duality comes into being, as all time lines are flexible. However, some that are leading to the most important issues that you are experiencing, are well developed and nothing will stop them from manifesting. Disclosure is still most essential to the greater development that opens up opportunities for us to meet openly with your leaders. They know us as we have been in touch for a long time, but we have observed their right to make decisions on behalf of their people. As we see them and what they are doing, they may be considered as not in your best interests, but we must allow freewill choice. However, we also answer to the pleas of the people, and peace is very much sought, after year upon year of incessant 烤肉食材wars. We promise you that every attempt to start another world war will fail, and we will do all we can to promote peaceful relationships. To us your treatment at the hands of your leaders begs an explanation, as to why so much energy and resources are wasted on unproductive activities. Used in the correct way you could easily have lived in comparative luxury, as there would have been more than enough to go round. You shall in fact experience the truth of that statement, as we will re-distribute wealth and ensure that your resources are correctly used. Along with new technologies that have been denied you for many years, you will find life so satisfying and fulfilling. Even then you will by no means have reached the ultimate level, where life becomes one that is blissful, joyful and complete happiness. It will take time to reach it, as clearly not everything can come all at once. As you grow into the grand Cosmic Being you are destined to be, the levels of upliftment will come to you. So my friends do your best not to be distracted by the problems arising from the cleansing that has already 網路行銷commenced, or the last gasp from those who are part of the Illuminati and are fighting to the very end. Always remember that your success is guaranteed, and all of you who desire to ascend will do so. Also do not concern yourself if events do not turn out as you believe they should, as the most important issue is Ascension. We remind you that it is unique and will be quite an experience to say the least. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and closely following events that are taking place on Earth. We do in fact monitor your T.V. programs, but our interest really focuses upon your world news services. We understand the games being played out and the statesmanship that goes with it, but we also know the real purpose behind them. We are not fooled which is why negotiations with us will be positive and carried out to the letter, as we have your interests at heart. May you receive all that you would wish for others. Thank you SaLuSa,Mike Quinsey. 你們的壽命與我們相比是非常短暫的,這是因為我們處在更高的維度。不過,你們背負了這麼多的重擔,同時每天還要迎接新的挑戰,所有這一切都是為了加速你的靈性進化。沒有任何信用貸款一個地方可以和地球相比,持續不斷的提供大量的必要體驗,而這些體驗可以以特殊的方式測試你們,並形成強大的持久耐力。地球上的人類是令人驚訝的,他們成功的決心克服了在面前出現的每個挑戰。你們都是光明與黑暗鬥爭的勝利者。不論它花費了多少時間,你們都一直是信心滿滿的在克服黑暗勢力的壓迫,而且,這次週期已經被完全的神聖欽點,以你們的利益而結束。 在你們獲得全部的勝利之前,所有遺留的就是要清理那些依舊企圖掠奪成功的人與事,但是這都不再允許。這也就表明了你們根本沒有必要去體驗這種恐懼,這種企圖製造第三次世界大戰的企圖。我們銀河聯邦已經獲得了全部的特權阻止任何此類的企圖,我們的盟友在我們的指導下介入其中。若干事件依舊在正軌上,將在這個月後完成,並且將給予你們機會看到這些權勢之人最後終結的開始--光照派。對他們來說沒有逃脫的可能,在任何時刻他們都逃不過我們的眼睛,沒有什麼隱藏的地點是我們不知道的。所以,你們看,親愛的朋友們,根本沒有必要浪費自己的能量去擔心他們的存在或者他們要做什麼。時機已經到來,他們就要被剝奪權力,還有他們以犧牲你們作為代價囊獲的財富。 造物主給予了你們所有人【自由意志】決定自己的體驗,通過許多次的人世轉生你幾乎嘗試了所有的必要體驗。現在,你們是更加的聰慧,因為它,你們大多數人根植在了自己的聖光力量中,ARMANI從未讓它完全泯滅。現在你們自豪的站立在自己的光芒中,就像一座閃耀無比的燈塔,它正照亮著其他人的生活。覺醒的力量以全速的狀態發展,許多的靈魂開始懂得了人生的真諦。就是這種明晰的覺悟---你們是超越肉身的存在,生命是無限的,你們身體裡含有著神的力量。這也引來了一種理解與接納---【你們都是一個整體】,你們能夠明白,所有的靈魂都是彼此連接的,形成了這個整體。這教導了你們--【批判是不公正與不明智的】,因為你無法知道一個靈魂的生命歷程所決定的確實情況。誠然,你們大多數人也不知道自己生活的背後意義,與過去生活的那種閃回記憶是不同的。 人生是一個謎,直到你回到更高的維度並且擁有更高意識的覺知的時候才能解開。一些事情依舊超出你們當前的理解,因此,有時候我們真的很難找到合適的詞彙把真相傳達給你們。不過,所有一切都將在不久後清晰起來,你們這些就要揚升的人將擁有更高層次的意識覺知,這也是你們意欲而為之的。可以肯定的是時間將把你們帶入到更高的層次,你們在接下來幾年的提高將與今天相比將判若兩人。你們最終將以平等的方式加入我們的行列,我們也會歡迎你們回到真正的家。 我們希望你們繼續推進這股新新的能量,它們正在建立不同凡響的成效一年,而這一年將以卓越非凡的歷史功績走向你們,作為一個令人震驚的成功。這股能量將決定二元性的週期如何快速的結九份民宿束,因為每時每刻的事情發展走向都是靈活多變的。但是,一些發展正在引致這些最重要的事件的發生,你們正體驗其中,將得到很好的發展,沒有什麼可以阻止它們的發生。【大揭露】對於更多的發展來說依舊是必不可少的關鍵,它將為我們開啟機會的視窗公開的與你們領導人會面。他們是知道我們存在的,因為我們與他們接觸了很長時間,而且我們已經在觀察著他們做出基於人民利益的正確決定。因為我們觀察著他們,他們在做著什麼,這些事情也許看起來並不符合你們最高的利益,但是因為自由意志的選擇我們必須允許。然而,我們也回應著人民的懇求,在經歷了年復一年的戰爭之後,【和平】是最值得你們去追求的。我們承諾你們--每個企圖導致另一場戰爭的計畫都將失敗,我們將做我們能做的一切促進和平關係的發展。 對我們來說,你們的領導者們對待你們的方式需要做出解釋,就關於為何這麼多的能量和資源被浪費在沒有價值的行為上。以正確的方式使用的話,你完全可以方便的過上舒適的生活,因為這一直有著超過需要的資源去分配。你們將在事實中經驗到這種表述的事實,因為我們將重新分配財富,確保你們的資源被正確的使用。隨著那些已經向你們禁止這麼多年的新科技,你們會發現生活可以如此的令人滿足與開心。即使那樣,你們也遠遠沒有達到最終的水準,那種生活是完全的至福,喜悅和全然的幸福。這需要花時間去結婚達成,因為不可能讓所有事情在短期內就全部到位。也由於你們正成長為命中註定的偉大的宇宙存有,這提升的層次將降臨在你們身上。 所以,我的朋友們,做出自己最大的努力,不要被當前出現的問題與狀況所影響到,這其實是因為大清洗已經開始了,或者是來自光照派因為最後的結束而做出的負隅頑抗。要時刻記住,你們的成功已經被保證,所有希望提升的人都應該這麼去做。也不要因為事情的發展不如你所願就擔心不已,要明白,最重要的事情就是【揚升】。我們提醒你們--這次的揚升是獨一無二的,對你們個人來說至少會是一個獨特的體驗。 我是來自天狼星的SaLuSa,並且在緊密的跟進事情的發展。我們當然也在監督著你們的電視節目,但是我們的興趣其實是在你們世界新的服務上。我們知道正在上演的劇碼是什麼,也知道伴隨其中的那些政治家的才能,同時我們也知道他們背後的目的。我們是不可能被愚弄的,這也表示出與我們的談判將是正面的,不折不扣的貫徹執行著,因為我們始終把你們的利益放在心中。希望你們所有人都得償所願,也請以同樣方式祝福其他人。 Thank you SaLuSa. Mike Quinsey. Website: Tree of the Golden Light 譯者 U2覺醒         

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